HLB Matchers matches (silent) demand and supply

The national and international take-over market is far from transparent. Demand and supply are barely visible. Our experienced matchers know how to bring ‘silent’ supply and demand together. Headquartered in the south of the country, we have a valuable SME network that covers the entire country and even extends across our national borders. For foreign investors, we search the right parties in the Netherlands. For Dutch entrepreneurs who intend to bring their services across the border, we will also ‘go to the market’.

Confidentiality first
Confidentiality comes first. We approach potential buyers or sellers with discretion. Our matchers tease potential take-over candidates and bring parties together if they are seriously interested. We charge a fixed price for this, but no cure, no pay. The process is completely transparent and you do not run any risk of reputation or financial damage. If we find a match, we can, of course, guide you through the entire take-over process with care.

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