Successful sale of your company

For you as an entrepreneur, the sale of a company is a drastic decision that involves important interests and strong emotions. At the same time, a take-over is a very complicated process. HLB Matchers’ take-over advisors will guide you through the entire take-over process, promoting only your interests as a seller.

Company succession or not?
Would you like to stop working soon but are you worried about the succession? Or is the next generation ready to go? Do you intend to hive off some part of your business to focus on one specialty? There are many possible reasons for a corporate sale, but the ultimate goal is basically the same: to make the best deal and purchase agreement.

Careful company assessment

​HLB Matchers’ take-over advisors are at home in SME. We provide counselling and mediation in take-over transactions with an average value between 1 and 25 million euros. Together with you, we will pragmatically draw up a step-by-step plan, fully tailored to your preferences and goals. We will make an objective company assessment and determine a realistic asking price. Especially in case of a business take-over within the family, this is very important, as it involves a lot more than just business interests. HLB Matchers always safeguards the objectivity, with a feeling for proportions.

You can be sure of a correct transfer
In case of an external take-over candidate, we will identify the potential buyer(s). Is it another company in the same branch, an investment company, something else? What does that mean for the future of your company? In case of a positive assessment, we will negotiate about the purchase price and conditions on your behalf. We will advise you about the take-over structure, taking into account the tax implications of the corporate transaction. In summary: we will guide you through the entire process, so that you can be sure of a smooth transfer of your company.

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