The acquisition of a company with step-by-step counselling

No matter what reasons you have for the acquisition of a company, a take-over is always a complicated process. It strains you as an entrepreneur in every way. HLB Matchers’ take-over advisors will guide you through the entire take-over process. In case of an acquisition, we will only promote your interests as a buyer of course.

At home in SME
HLB Matchers’ take-over advisors are at home in SME. We provide counselling and mediation in take-over transactions with an average value between 1 and 25 million euros. We pragmatically draw up a step-by-step plan, fully tailored to your situation, your preferences, and your objective. We check the financial feasibility and carefully map out the financial, fiscal, legal, and business-economic risks and limits (we do not do market research).

The best deal
If there is any reason for a negative advice, we will give it to you. Your interests always come first! In case of a positive assessment, our take-over advisors will negotiate – realistically but aggressively – about the purchase price and conditions, with the ultimate goal of making the best deal and a solid purchase agreement.

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