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HLB Matchers: who we are

The HLB Matchers team is specialized in advice and counselling in the business acquisition and sale process. Our experienced matchers know how to connect ‘silent demand’ to supply. Headquartered in the south of the country, we have a valuable SME network that covers the entire country and even extends across our national borders.

Our ‘click’ with innovative entrepreneurs
HLB Matchers does business across the whole width of the branch. We cooperate with industrial companies, IT companies, wholesale businesses, professional service providers, construction companies, transport companies, logistics companies, and others. Innovation and sustainability are the connecting threads in our portfolio. We have an unmistakable ‘click’ with entrepreneurs who look to the future and run their business smartly.

We go for the best result
Confidentiality is our first priority, taking into account the emotions that go with each process. However, we stay focused unabatedly and take away your concerns about complicated problems. With feeling, but, more importantly, with common sense, HLB Matchers strives for the best result. As your sparring partner, we would like to be of added value.

The HLB Matchers team
HLB Matchers has all disciplines and knowledge required to guide you through the entire process. You will have one fixed contact point and will be assured of a full-service team of specialists. Meet our take-over advisors, matchers, financing specialists, and lawyers.

Want to meet us? Please call for an appointment: +31 (0) 416 41 00 00 or send an e-mail to info@hlb-matchers.nl.

Want to meet us?

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